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Once out of view and ear-shot from Kurenai, Asuma said, "Naruto, she doesn't like me. If he talked about it, he would really want to cry.

Crying was not something he ever did, it was too out of character for him. But when it came to romance Well, anyway, right now he needed to get back to the table. Once he got back, Asuma hesitated a moment before saying, "Well, to answer your previous question, I don't mind if they take our friendship the wrong way and set us up once in a while. And since Naruto was a few tables away Naruto nervously turned around to face Kurenai and Asuma's direction. Had it not been such a serious moment, Naruto would have slapped his forehead over and over.

Nooo, I can't do that. When Naruto drifted off to sleep that night, he had one thought in mind, "Ino He knew that she had something that would be able to help him but still couldn't remember. Not until morning came. Naruto gets Ino to help him with a new plan he's formulated. This time, the succes rate seems to be higher, but there are certain obstacles. Obstacles like one named 'Kiba'.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Kiba thinks Kurenai isn't straight, Naruto thinks she is. But who is this male going to be? The circumstances for falling in love are always strange. I don't own Naruto I Will Win This Bet! Asuma and Kurenai's Date" Team 8 and Naruto stared at the sight.

Let's go see the movie. Kiba frowned, "We need more people, since sensei's a jonin…". Shino and Hinata nodded in agreement. Hinata's face was red, "We could always ask the other Genin…". Kiba grinned, "Good idea, Hinata! Even if it just cause you wanna see Naruto…But he's out of the village on a mission with his team. Asuma's team stood around looking at the clouds. Shikamaru and Choji were amused by it, but Ino was getting bored, "What do you guys think that Asuma-sensei's doing?

Ino glared at them, her frustration growing, "It'd give us something to do! And besides, we hardly know anything about his personal life! Kiba grinned, "We need your help to spy on Kurenai-sensei, we think she's keeping a secret from us! Ino grinned, "We'll help you guys on one condition, we all spy on Asuma-sensei! The two Jonins sat at the table chatting, while they waited for their meals. Asuma listened to Kurenai talk about her team's progress, wondering how it felt to actually have a team that could get along. The two Genin teams split into groups of twos.

Hinata and Ino both went to Ino's house to change clothes, so that it'd feel more like an undercover mission. The two male groups had split up to track either of the adults. The girls headed out and waited for a group to get ahold of them.

The other two groups arrived outside of the restaurant in time to hear Choji say, 'Did they just kiss? Kiba had the same exact look of disgust on his face as Choji. Ino tackled the both of them, so that she could see what was going on. God that will be hilarious! Kurenai giggled, "don't forget Kakashis face, now that will be price less.

Especially when he finds out who you are". They shighed and calmed down. Naruto looked down at her and raised he chin to look him in the eye befor kissing her with all his heart. She smiled and replied "I love you, my prince".

I Will Win This Bet! Chapter 1: The Bet & Getting Information, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

The two got changed into their night clothes before getting into bed. Kurenai came from behind Naruto and hugged him from behind, wrapping her arms around his waist. It made her feel secure to be able to hold him tight, he was her teddy bear that protected her. He responded by taking her hand and kissing it, and turned around to face her.

He gently kissed he forehead and they went to sleep. Naruto made it to the training ground, finally being able to loosen him self up and dress in the proper manner of a shinobi and not the monstrosity he had worn at the academy. He was currently wearing black ANBU pants with black shinobi sandals, he had his ankles bandaged up over his pants. He wore a yellow t-shirt under a black sleeveless hooded jacket.

They had a sort of rivalry — not in strength because naruto would kill him there not that sasuke knew. No they had a insult rivalry where they would try and insult the other into submission, no one won. Naruto just sighed and rose a eye brow, "if it is I who is late then were is sensei? Naruto sighed before staring into the field they were in, it was a open space with trees all around with a lake nearby.

Naruto had trained here on his own before, once it was sealed off and secure no one would see. Kakashi continued his eye smile and scratched the back of his head, "well you see there was an olderly woman who needed my help and I couldn't no-" he was cut off prematurely by Naruto. Kakashi just eye smiled and spoke in a mock pride voice with anime tears flowing from his closed eye, "finally some one who understands my genius! Coughing loudly kakashi just got back into sensei mode, or kakashi's version of it.

He took out a alarm clock and placed it on top of one of the stumps behind the gennin. Kakashis — if possible — eye smile grew, "How very perceptive of you sakura, yes there are two bells and the reason behind this is simple. Only two of you will pass, while the other will be sent back to the academy".

Naruto snorted at that, "ha! Like you could even hit Kakashi-sensei, as I said he's the third strongest ninja in the village, excluding Jiraya and tsunade" that comment caused Sakura to get a tick mark on her forehead, "what did you say Baka! Kakashi was watching Naruto wearily now, this is the side of him he saw when talking about him yesterday, the serious side. Now kakashi didn't know if he had multi personalities or something but he was interested in which one was the real Naruto, he had a feeling that he would find out soon.

Much to his surprise and annoyance Naruto was grinning back and said "I bet I get a bell before you Teme". Sasuke stoped to think for a while before getting a full blown grin, "fine then winner gets to be team leader" as soon as Sasuke said that naruto was infront of him shaking to make it official they turned to see a eye smiling Kakashi. As soon as he said that Sakura and Sasuke disappeared into the forest leaving a bored looking kakashi and a grinning Naruto.

Kakashi turned around only to see no one there, he turned back to see a still smiling naruto in the place he was before. When he looked at the place he was before he saw naruto there with one palm extended. Shit what is this kid? Kakashi quickly adjusted himself in mid air landing on the ground with a slight skid. Looks like I need to go all out, sigh kakashi moved his head band to reveal a red eye spinning madly at Naruto. Sasuke was gaping at naruto's speed and strength, was he always this strong and holding back?

Naruto said it himself, Kakashi is the third strongest ninja in Konoha, sasuke knew this was true, by reading the bingo book and seeing kakashi there. He had also had a look at The Golden Storm and was amazed, this guy was one of the strongest ninja alive and was quite clearly strongest in Konoha. The picture of him though was weird as in the picture was a boy who wore ANBU clothes with a Golden Mask covering his face. Sasuke caught Kakashi move towards his headband, as he saw him remove it to reveal the sharingan eye. Of course sasuke knew Kakashi had that eye, he had read through the events of how kakashi had obtained the eye in the Uchiha files.

But for naruto to make him do that Naruto kicked kakashis leg effectively making him loose balance, naruto then punched him square in the chest making him skid a few feet back. Naruto charged at him, only kakashis own skill and sharingan were able to follow naruto's speed, he was definitely faster than Gai. Thinking of Gai was when kakashi imeadiatly recognised the taijutsu style he was was using. It was one that Gai had tried to learn and had kakashi help but no no avail, as his body was too rigid and stern, no way near flexible enough to use the style. The style was called Muay Thai.

The two continued furiously in there taijustu spar, Kakashi swung a right hook towards narutos temple, who quickly responded by leaning back. This caused Kakashi to slightly lean forward, but it was all he needed. Quickly naruto had brought up his right knee up and made connection with kakashis chest, effectively sending him flying into the air, to which naruto quickly jumped up and gave a axe kick to his back. Only to have shattered a log. Kakashi was now panting while standing behind a tree, panting tremendously, that kid was unreal!

Kakashi quickly ducked under a punch that shattered the tree trunk were his head was, and jumped away. He was quickly followed by naruto who charged at him at insane speeds and started to engage in another taijutsu fight. Naruto jabbed kakashi in his ribs which made him wince in pain, kakashi recovered quickly and sent a punch to naruto's temple, which was batted aside by naruto.

Kakashi knew he couldn't compare to him in taijutsu so he jumped back and started to do some hand seals, " Suiton: Water Dragon jutsu ". Naruto cursed as he saw the water dragon explode from the lake and did a four hand seal sequence which finished on dog "Doton: Mud Wall " creating a giant earth wall in front of him. The Dragon crashed into the earth wall, which didn't budge until the dragon stopped, then it crumbled. Kakashi was surprised that naruto was able to counter his jutsu, so he decided to take it up a level, " Suiton: Water Shock Wave " when he shouted that he jumped on the lake as a wave formed and started heading towards naruto at extreme speeds.

Naruto cursed for having to do this but the situation needed it. Kakashi was testing naruto, and he knew it. Behind him was saukura and Sasuke and if he moved or didn't stop it they could get seriously injured or even killed. He cursed under his breath for having to do this, "Hyoton: As soon as the wave made impact with the fog it instantly froze how it was, Kakashi upon seeing that jumped off of his wave just in time, to see a thirty foot frozen wave.

Naruto can use Hyoton? I thought that only the clan in kiri can do that, is naruto related to them? Deciding to ask him later kakashi escaped from naruto while he was looking at the wave. Sasuke was now with wide eyes, not only was naruto — the dead last! Able to beat kakashi one of the strongest ninja in konoha in taijutsu, he was also able to beat him in ninjutsu, and that was Kakashi's strong point!

He cursed to himself, he had been an idiot. Just because he was an uchiha it didn't mean anything, the same way it didn't mean anything if you were a jonin fighting a genin, doesn't mean the jonin will always win just because of ranks. He swallowed his pride for the last time, from this day on he will not demand respect or power. He would be like naruto and earn it.

This battle was an eye opener of how far from his goal he was, but hopefully with friends like naruto he could be able to achieve it much faster. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at him wondering what he wanted, he was doing fine before. Now this had his interest, why did he need him?

He was winning against Kakashi. You can get a bell on your own" the lack of dobe made naruto's own eybrow shoot up, but decided it may have been from his skill that he showed. To show that you're willing to take one for the team and help them out Konoha was built on the foundation of team work and is its most important aspect. Kakashi-sensei believes in it the most, you obviously know how he got that eye. But if its the bells your worried about Sasukes eyes widened, he already had both bells? He lost the bet! However even if he did win, naruto would have still been team leader — second to kakashi of course.

Now with determination in his eyes sasuke nodded, and they headed off to find sakura. It didn't take long to find her, as she was in the middle of a field laying unconscious. When they tried waking her up it was no use. Suddenly naruto got an idea and whispered it into sasukes ear, who went wide eyed. No no no no no! However naruto just nodded "yes yes yes yes, YES! Sasuke turned to naruto and told him, "why don't you do it? Who do you think I am? Sasuke just stared at him trying to calculate who his friend was married to, but before he could ask he could hear a groan next to him. Naruto quickly recast the genjutsu on his ring.

He turned to see sakura waking up, he just smirked at naruto. I dont have to kiss her! Sakura opened her eyes to see naruto and sasuke staring at her, then her memories came back. Did kakashi-sensei hurt you? Why is the baka here?

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3---Kurenai date 1

What are you doing here? Naruto and Sasuke just sweat dropped, before naruto started talking, "ok sakura listen to pass the test we need to work together, we need a plan and it has to be good Sakura just blinked and then got a tick mark before shouting, "BAKA! Who said you're in charge! I bet sasuke-kun has a plan and its better than yours! Sasuke sighed before speaking up voicing his annoyance, "Sakura, Shut up!

Listen to naruto he's the strongest here, I think hes even stronger than kakashi-sensei Naruto whats this plan of yours? Sakura just blinked, naruto was the strongest? No way was that correct! He was the dobe of the year the dead last! Yet sasuke just praised him, what happened At this time she decided she would go along with the plan, well since sasuke said he was so strong then it had to be right!

Naruto quickly whispered the plan into the other twos ears before they all nodded and got into positions Kakashi was worried, his new fresh out of the academy, wet behind the ears genin was running loops around him. He was the dead last of his class for gods sake! Yet he was beating kakashi in taijutsu and even going so far as to battle him in ninjutsu, kakashi's forte.

It was unbelievable, just who was this kid? He had been naruto's guard when he was a newborn up until his fith birthday. He knew it wasn't the kids fault that he contained the demon within, yet at first he couldn't help but to hate him. However that changed after the first week of looking after him, he was just a little kid, a baby who was born at the wrong time. Apparently no one knew who his parents were, or they wouldn't tell him. He sighed, the kid had a hard life. He was bought out of his thoughts by the sound of whistling, instincts kicking in kakashi jumped back just as four kunai created a square around him.

Before he could even think of any thing he saw sasuke jump out of the bush while finishing his hand seals " Katon: Grand Fire Ball Jutsu " before kakashi could Kawarimi away the kunai exploded in a burst of smoke and four naruto's now jumped at him. He was now bound and no way to go with a giant fireball coming his was!

He then realised some thing was off and he opened his sharingan eye. He quickly went to his waist and smiled when he felt his two bells still there, it would be so fun to see if they would understand the true meaning to the test.

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Kakashi was standing there mouth agape, only hidden by his facemask. He quickly reached down to grab his bells only feel smoke were they were. He eye smiled and chuckled. At this naruto smirked and responded by crushing the bells in his hand. Kakashi instantly got the message and smiled under his mask, while naruto spoke "Both, both of them helped me to defeat you and both were part of the plan".

Kakashi eye smiled and said "well then I guess there's no two ways about it then Congratulation, meet me here tomorrow at 7am! Sasuke turned to naruto obviously confused about some thing, "naruto I still don't get one thing though But the way sasuke had said it, it sounded like naruto had beaten kakashi.